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Sole F63 Treadmill Reviews [Horizon t101 vs Sole F63?]

Sole F63 Treadmill Reviews:

About Sole:

Sole has over 20 years of experience in treadmill and fitness product design, manufacturing, and marketing. Their line of innovative equipment is designed for people who are serious about their fitness. The treadmills are simple in design and feature a warranty and quality guarantee. All this at an affordable price.

Sole’s treadmills are easy to use and have a compact, space-saving design. They have four wheels to make it easy to move, a sturdy base, and foldable decks to save space. Sole is constantly looking to improve their equipment, make it more efficient, and offer a better product at a lower price.

About Sole Treadmills:

Walking is still one of the best cardiovascular exercises, regardless of age, fitness level, or body type. Walking is a basic form of aerobic training. It has many benefits for your lungs, heart, and your circulatory system. It also increases muscle tone and burns fat calories.

Treadmills are a convenient and safe way to exercise regularly in all weather conditions, the comfort and safety of your own home. A treadmill is a great tool for anyone who wants to get in shape, whether beginners or experienced athletes trying to keep fit. Treadmills let you set your workout’s pace, distance, difficulty, and duration according to your preferences.

You can also talk on the phone, watch television, or read a magazine. Running and treadmill walking are much easier on delicate joints such as the knees and hips. They have long, cushioned platforms that provide ample space for a stride and a comfortable, low-impact walk/jog.

There are many types and prices of treadmills. However, some have unique features such as a fold-up design that can be stored easily, an electronic display to show speed, workout duration, distance, incline level, and calories burned, and EKG grip pulses which allow you to monitor your heart rate while exercising.

No matter how complex or simple the features, treadmills provide various aerobic exercise options that will give you long-lasting cardiovascular benefits without the need to commute to the gym.

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An overview of the SOLE F63:

The Sole F63 treadmill was redesigned for 2009 with new features. It has been praised for its superior combination of quality components and ease of use.

SOLE Fitness makes home treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes. Their base model treadmill is the F63. Users love that it is affordable and doesn’t compromise on quality or durability. It feels solid and has sweet features such as an LCD screen, incline ability, and preloaded workouts.

We are extremely happy with this treadmill, which is our first. It is sturdy, well-built, and easy to use. It is quiet, which was unexpected. It was placed in our bedroom with the hope that we would use it more. However, noise is no longer a problem. The large LCD screen makes it easy to read and is an excellent addition. It’s also great to have an extra heart monitor strap since the hand grips are not the best for monitoring your heart rate. It was professionally assembled, but a few more skilled people could do it. The weight of the item is 260 pounds. Two people are required to help. – Matt Roberts

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The treadmill is designed for running, walking, or dancing and can travel up to 12 miles an hour. It has a motor of 3.0 horsepower. Although it is less powerful than the more expensive treadmills, it is still strong enough to withstand years of use.

The surface is smooth and unaffected by vibrations, thanks to the flywheel system. The heavy-duty steel construction is durable.

What makes the SOLE F63 stand out from other commercial treadmills is its unique programming. Instead of connecting to a streaming platform that streams trainer-led workouts, the SOLE F63 is programmed with ten preset exercises. You can also use the integrated tablet holder to follow along on another streaming platform or just watch Netflix if you get bored.

This treadmill is also great for those with weak joints. SOLE claims that the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, specially designed to reduce joint impact, makes it easier for you to feel more comfortable while (and after!) your workouts.

The best part is that the F63 can be folded flat easily to not take up much space. This machine ticks all the right boxes.


Steel Frame

The F63 treadmill is Sole’s entry-level model. However, it has the same solid construction as their higher-end machines. The frame is made of steel and has powder-coated uprights.

Side rails 3″ in width are textured to ensure you don’t slip when you step on or off the track. Each side rail has an 18-inch long step-up zone with extra width and texture that provides support.

Deck 20″ x 60″

Sole’s patent-pending cushioning provides impact support on the deck of the F63. Although it doesn’t offer the same cushioning as more expensive treadmills, this is still significantly better than running outside. Running on outdoor surfaces can double the impact force of a runner.

The F63 deck cushioning reduces the impact by transferring shock downward through the deck and not back up through your spine or joints. The cushioning was adequate for light walking and light running. Running on it is a bit difficult.


The Sole F63 folds up to 20 inches by 60 inches. It is a good size for a treadmill under $2000. The deck extends behind you and provides plenty of kickback. The motor hood is a bit too high on the Sole machines, I have noticed.

The hood rises 4 inches above the deck at its highest point, located just below the console. My foot did touch the top of the hood several times. This doesn’t happen if you step back. However, to reach the console buttons, I must move forward on my deck.

Belt and rollers

It has a smooth, 2-ply surface that allows you to move your feet without getting in your shoes. It’s durable and has a great feel underfoot.


Although the motor of the F53 does not have the greatest power, it is powerful enough to do what it needs with 3.0HP. It regulates speed and incline. This motor was very quiet. To see if it was inching, I had to look under my deck.

The speed settings are consistent and controlled.

There is no lag between speed adjustments.

I was walking at a steady 3.5 mph. The incline allowed me to play with it slightly, increasing the gradient to 10% and then returning to 3%. During incline adjustments, the speed remained constant.

Similar to the previous step, I increased the incline to 15% and tried different speeds. I moved from 2mph to 3.5mph to 6mph. The motor responded quickly to each setting.


6.5 inch LCD Screen

The LCD screen measures 6.5 inches and is easy to read. It’s simple and straight to the point, without any unnecessary extras. Below the screen are buttons that control speed, incline, and program.

Console Layout

The F63’s console layout could be improved. The console’s lower portion has buttons that control speed and incline.

These buttons are not randomly assigned. They are 2-3-4-5-9-12. Inline buttons are 1-3-5-7-9-12-15.

There are speed and manual incline buttons on the lower panel, but they cannot be found above these presets. Similar buttons can be found on both handrails, right for speed and left to adjust the incline.

However, I have accidentally grabbed the buttons from both handrails on more than one occasion. Another item that could be either a positive or a negative is the F63 buttons. They are tactile and made of raised rubber.

These buttons are easy to press and feel but can get pressed or soiled with time. The speed and incline preset buttons cannot be raised.

One fan

The F63 has one fan, but it is also very ineffective. It’s located at the top of the console, and vents can’t be adjusted downward. It blew above my head and wasn’t very powerful.

Tablet Holder

An adjustable clip attaches a tablet holder to the console. It will hold a tablet/phone.

The F63 screen cannot display video or interact, so the tablet holder allows users access to a program or browse the internet from their device.


It offers plenty of storage. On either side of your screen, two large pockets have a divider. A second storage tray is located below the console, above the deck.

The tray is placed backward so that it does not create an obstruction when working on an incline.



The Sole F63 machine is small and reliable. The F63 runs simple programs and is lightweight, foldable, and well-built. The F63’s overall functionality is excellent, with the exception of a slightly distorted console display.

0% to 15% Decline

The F63 offers a wide range of training options, including a decent incline. The incline is an essential feature as it is intended for users looking to do low-impact exercise such as walking or light running.

Raise the deck to increase the intensity of any exercise. To reduce impact injuries or joint discomfort, users can keep the deck elevated.

In addition to strengthening the posterior quads, running on an incline can also increase strength in these areas.

Pre-programmed exercises

These are easy to follow. The graph shows you the progress of your workout. You can create two profiles to customize the readout to deliver your energy expenditure and weight.

Several programs are available:

Two heart rate programs offer training at 80% max and 60% max.

Heart rate training has become a major focus in the fitness industry.

It provides a clear indication of your effort. These programs include a chest strap as an important component.

Subscriber Options

Sole provides a Sole app that you can download directly to your smartphone. It tracks your workout stats, including calories burned, heart rate, and duration. The treadmill does not have an online subscription.

Noise Level

The F63, like its older brother, the Sole F80, is very quiet. The motor runs very quietly, both at speed and during interval adjustments.

This is where Sole excels. Even though they don’t have all the bells and whistles, these machines still feature high-quality engineering.

The F63 is close to the ground, which helps absorb some noise. The treadmill is ideal for people who want to run quietly and not disturb their neighbors or roommates.

Storage / Folding

The F63 folds and unfolds easily with the EasyLift and hydraulic release arms. One person can fold it. It will lock in a folded position once it is locked.

The yellow release lever will allow it to stay put until it is unlatched. There are two wheels under the uprights and two beneath the deck. The F63 can be rolled out of its way by gently pivoting it.

How long can the Sole F63 last?

What does it mean to “put good in and get good out”? Sole’s F63 motor and frame are solid, durable parts that can withstand at most a decade of usage.

Sole also offers three-year coverage on the machine’s parts and labor and a lifetime warranty on the frame. Sole is confident in their products, and this type of warranty shows that they stand behind them.

We want to remind you that maintaining a healthy environment is key to keeping your machine in good condition. Machines that are kept in a controlled environment and not plugged often will live longer.

Horizon t101 vs Sole f63 vs ProForm Carbon T7:

Items:Sole F63Horizon T101ProForm Carbon T7
Display screenLCD display3 LED screens7inch HD touchscreen
Incline options15 levels0–10%0–10%
Max speed12 miles/hour10 miles/hour10 miles/hour
Weight capacity325 pounds300 pounds300 pounds
Special featuresBluetooth enabled
Integrated tablet holder
USB charging port
10 programmed workouts
Cushioned running deck
EasyLift Assist folding deck
Cooling fans
Bluetooth enabled
Integrated tablet holder
30 programmed workouts
Cushioned running deck
EasyLift Assist folding deck
Cooling fans
Streaming capabilities
1-year iFit family membership included
Cushioned running deck
EasyLift Assist folding deck
Cooling fan
WarrantyFrame & Motor: Lifetime
Deck, Electronics & Parts: 3 years
Labor: 1 year
Frame & Motor: lifetime
Parts & Labor: 1 year
Frame: 10 years
Parts & Labor: 1 year
PriceCheck hereCheck hereCheck here

The Sole F63 is more expensive than the Horizon T101 or ProForm Carbon T7, but it’s often discounted to $$$.

All treadmills can be folded, and feature cushioned running surfaces.

The Sole F63, however, has the fastest max speed. This makes it an excellent choice if speed work is your goal. It also comes with the longest warranty.

Keep in mind, however, that the Sole F63 belt is longer for taller people.

If streaming classes via an integrated touchscreen is crucial to you, the ProForm Carbon T7 might be the right choice.

What is the Sole F63’s performance compared to other Sole treadmills?

Sole Fitness currently has six models of treadmills, including the F63 and F80, F85 and F85.

The Sole F63 has many of the same features that Sole’s other treadmills. It can travel at a maximum speed of 12 miles (19km) per hour, with Bluetooth speakers and a tablet holder.

It can also be folded, unlike the TT8 and S77.

The F63, however, only offers incline options, as opposed to the Sole TT8, with six levels of decline. The F63 also offers eight fewer workouts than the Sole F85 but has more programs.

If you are looking for a touchscreen treadmill, the Sole F85 may be a better choice. The Sole F85 costs nearly $$$$ more than the F63.

Final Thoughts

Although the Sole F63 may be simple, it is ideal for most users. SOLE designed this treadmill to be easy for beginners and doesn’t have many complicated functions. With multiple workout options, incline capability, heart rate monitoring, and cushioned belt, the F63 does the job. This machine is a great entry-level option at an attractive price.

Sole is known for making sturdy, reliable machines that allow users to reach their fitness goals. The device can be connected to Bluetooth, so customers can track their progress and connect their apps via Bluetooth. For beginners or those looking for a high-quality club treadmill, the Sole F63 is a great choice.

FAQs: Sole F63 Treadmill Reviews

Where to buy sole f63 treadmill?

A Sole F63 treadmill can be purchased at reputable retailers or sporting goods shops.

The F63 treadmill is usually in stock because it’s one of Sole’s most sought-after models.

You can expect to pay the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, which is why you won’t find a lower price if you go directly to Sole.

How to turn on sole f63 treadmill?

Please turn on the treadmill by plugging it into a suitable wall outlet.

Next, turn on the power switch at the front of your treadmill under the motor hood.

The safety key must be installed as the treadmill won’t turn on without it.

How to reset sole f63 treadmill?

How to take apart sole f63 treadmill?

You can learn from this sole f63 treadmill manual.

How to move sole f63 treadmill?

Check out this sole f63 treadmill manual.

How to fold sole f63 treadmill?

How much does a sole f63 treadmill weigh?

This machine can support a maximum weight of 325 lbs.

How to assemble a sole f63 treadmill?

How long to assemble sole f63 treadmill?

About less than an hour.

How to lubricate a sole f63 treadmill?

Sole f63 treadmill for sale near me (you can find on craigslist too)

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