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Bowflex Xtreme 2 Vs Xtreme 2 SE: Similarities & Differences

Bowflex Xtreme 2 Vs Xtreme 2 SE: Similarities and Differences

The coronavirus pandemic brought new challenges for workout enthusiasts who were used to exercising at their local gym. Due to restrictions on movement and safety, you may want to find a home gym to keep you busy while you work out.

This article will explain the differences between the Bowflex Xtreme2 SE and the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE, which are two home gyms in the Bowflex Home Gym Series. We will continue to explore the differences between them and determine which one is best for you.

Items:Bowflex Xtreme 2Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE
User Weight Limit300 lbs300 lbs
Resistance210 lbs210 lbs
Exercise No65More than 70
Bench PressYesYes
Trainer Built WorkoutNo7 built-in workouts
Quick Change SystemNoYes
Leg Extension/ CurlYesYes
Squat BarYesYes
Dimension58" X 30.5" X 21.25"83" X 58" X 49"
Warranty7 Years7 Years
Editor's Rating9.6/109.8/10
Price?Check HereCheck Here

Bowflex Xtreme 2 Vs Xtreme 2 SE: What Works?

Let’s take a look at all the features and aspects and find out what makes them unique.


The Xtreme 2 SE is considerably more expensive than the Xtreme 2. These two models aren’t comparable in price.

Design and Style

Both models are very similar in design and style. Each model has a reinforced x-shaped foundation that provides it with excellent stability.

Both models are comfortable thanks to the adjustable polyurethane cushions in the seats and the wide seat back that offers excellent support for lat exercises.

For better results during your workouts, they also have a pulley system. They can be used in 5 different grip styles, which makes them flexible and versatile.

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Quality and durability

Both home gyms feature heavy-duty steel frames, which are common in the Bowflex home fitness series. This ensures durability and quality. They are solid and durable, so they are very reliable.

The Xtreme 2 is 190 pounds lighter than the Xtreme 2SE, which weighs in at 157 pounds. The Xtreme 2 is slightly heavier than the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE. This gives it a slight advantage over the Bowflex Xtreme SE.

Maximum User Weight

The maximum user weight for all models in the Bowflex Home Gym Series is 300 pounds. The two models are identical and therefore are similar.

Resistance: difference between bowflex xtreme 2 and xtreme 2 se

These two models are identical in all respects when it comes to resistance. Both models come standard with 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance. There are optional upgrades to 310 and 410 pounds.

Exercises and built-in workouts

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE is more effective when it comes to exercising and the built-in workout feature. The full-body workouts include exercises for the arms, legs, back, chest, shoulders, chest, and back. There are more than 70 options. The Bowflex 2 SE offers 65 exercises.

The machine also comes with the Bowflex Xtreme 2’s trainer workouts. These workouts can be found in the manual. They include strength training, true aerobic, bodybuilding, and a 20-minute lower body.

You can get these workouts on the Xtreme 2 but not the Xtreme 2SE. If you are looking to build your body quickly, the Xtreme 2SE is the best choice.

Pulley System

They both share the same 4-position adjustable lower pulley system for the best squat position. The Xtreme 2 SE has the best option for changing.

It has three pulleys systems, while the Xtreme 2 SE comes with four. This will save you time and help you progress through your workouts.


Accessory for both home gyms can be found quickly and shouldn’t pose any problem. You can purchase accessories such as power rods, resistance upgrades, rod attachment cables, and hand grips.


Both models have similar warranties. The Bowflex Xtreme series has a one-year warranty on the frame and 60 days for parts.

There is also a lifetime warranty on the power rods.

Additional Special Features

Bowflex Xtreme 2SE and Bowflex Xtreme 2SE have a 4-position adjustable lower pulling system that allows great squat positions. It’s also designed to allow for quick transitions from one exercise to the next.

The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE allows you to do as many as 70 exercises, while the extreme two can allow up to 75. The rods have a protective rubber coating, and the resistance rating is indicated at the end.

Each model comes with an owner’s guide that provides great exercise and fitness tips and all the options you have with these amazing machines.

Bowflex Xtreme 2 vs Xtreme SE – Which is Better?

The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE has a better price than the Xtreme 2. Both models have the same features, but the Xtreme 2 SE has more options and is easier to find. If you want more durability and a stronger product, the Xtreme 2 is for you.

This product also includes more exercises. The Xtreme 2SE only offers 70 exercises. This range is available on this model. If you are looking for a home gym, you can easily access it at a lower price; the Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE is the best choice.

The Xtreme 2 is no longer in stock. It seems that the manufacturer has discontinued it. I hope this article has helped you understand the two Xtreme models in the Bowflex Home Gym Series.

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What Customers Are Saying About These 2 Ones?

About Bowflex Xtreme 2SE:

Excellent home machine. Let’s move on. This is not meant to be free of weight. It’s still a fantastic little machine, especially if you go up to the 410 lbs. I’m a big man and can deadlift and squat more than 500 lbs. This is not my true weight. It resists the tension of bending a material. It will be progressive.

This works in home gyms’ favor as it is the lightest at the weakest parts of a movement. This eliminates the need to hire a spotter or any other assistance. I can lift myself and push myself. Are you going to be doing your best? I don’t think so. This resistance is closer to 275lbs. It all depends on how much motion you get. The more you bend the rod, the greater the resistance. – Scott Laidler

About Bowflex Xtreme 2:

It arrived in perfect condition and was exactly what it was advertised. It was my first serious workout. It is a large piece of equipment. It is packed in five boxes within the large box. It was easy to follow the assembly instructions. A few typos and an incorrect image were showing the bottom pulleys in the wrong orientation. The good news is that the cross-piece, on which the pulleys are pre-mounted, is of such a shape that it cannot be attached in the wrong position/orientation.

It is easy if you follow the instructions and move slowly. It took me four hours to complete the task, despite my desire to do it my way. I suggest that all boxes be marked, particularly the one that contains the instructions. Perhaps an “Open Me First” tag could resolve this issue. This model is easy to use and doesn’t require you to re-route cables. It makes your workouts flow much more smoothly. The power rods are rated at 200+ lbs. You can watch the DVD to play with the pulley positions and slide along the rails. Although it doesn’t feel 200 lbs, you’ll be able get a good workout. – Shaun Stafford

FAQs about Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Vs Xtreme 2:

What width is required for the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE?

The machine requires approximately 100 inches side-to-side to allow for enough space for the power rods.

Is it able to deliver the product while it is being assembled?

Both machines come assembled when the product is delivered. It’s also easy to put together.

Can I do chin-ups in the Xtreme 2 SE?

The machine is not ready for chip-ups. However, you can perform lat pull-downs.

Can I disassemble Xtreme 2 SE?

It’s easy to disarm the machine. However, make sure you follow the instructions.

How high is the machine?

It measures approximately 82 inches when the device is in use.

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