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Precor 946i Treadmill Reviews: Best Suited for Whom?

Precor 946i Treadmill Reviews:

About Precor: Precor brand has been creating commercial-grade equipment that can withstand the repeated, intense workouts of hotels, spas, and health clubs for many years. This is why they have a reputation for quality and long-lasting durability.

Precor 946i Treadmill, a commercial-grade treadmill, is equipped with great features and provides a low-impact workout. The standard Integrated Footplant Technology and the Ground Effects Impact Control System are included.

This helps to reduce the strain on joints and knees. It is modern in design and durable. Precor’s best-selling treadmill, the Precor Precor XT60, has many great features.

Precor, a US-based company, is one of the most prominent manufacturers of health equipment.

It produces high-end treadmills of exceptional Quality and features.

This Precor 946i Treadmill Review 2023 will show you why this treadmill is such a great buy.

It delivers club-quality performance and has fantastic features.

Best Suited for Whom?

Precor 946i treadmills are an excellent choice for those who need a commercial-grade machine to fit into apartments, fire departments, and corporate gyms.

This treadmill is an excellent buy for those with a small budget as it is one the most popular under $6000. This machine can hold weights up to 400lbs.

Precor 946i Treadmill Assembly Design & Build Quality


The Precor 946i treadmill is easy to assemble because it’s a non-folding model. Instruction manuals are included in the package. They explain each step of how to assemble this machine.

Before you begin the assembly process, make sure to follow the instructions. For example, place the machine on a flat surface and check the ON button. It is easy and takes less than 45 minutes.

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Design and Build Quality

The Precor treadmill features a modern design and club-like features. You can add optional entertainment options such as the Bluetooth entertainment cap, wireless entertainment cap, and reading rack. This intuitive console is easy to read and adjust according to your needs.

It provides feedback on your workout and has easy-to-use controls. You can access the 13 programs via six buttons on your console.

It is a commercial-grade treadmill that uses technology such as the Ground Effects Impact Control System (GFX), which reduces stress on the joints and prevents injury.

The Integrated Footplant Technology provides a low-impact workout. For a precise reading, the touch sensors that monitor heart rate are located on handlebars.

The durable dome switches are highly responsive and have an emergency stop button to ensure safety. The reliable performance of the 4HP AC motor is assured.

This treadmill’s two-step powder coating on the frame ensures a strong build. It is durable and easy to maintain. The treadbelt is kept in the center by steel-tapered rollers.

To prevent belt breakage, the 1-inch Slik-Dek is coated with wax. Flip the deck over to use the opposite side. The entire system is very stable and can support weights up to 400 lbs.

Precor 946i Treadmill Features:


Precor’s commercial treadmill series has a motor with an IFT-controller AC 4HP motor that delivers powerful performance.

It’s a reliable motor that provides a natural feeling to your workout. It includes the 3-phase, sensorless variable-frequency drive technology that controls the speed of your machine.

Touchscreen Control Panel

Precor’s 946i treadmill has a console that is large and high-tech. It features a large, clear LED display with an easy-to-read layout. This feature allows you to explore the current program.

The console supports many languages, including English, Dutch and German, French, Spanish, and Italian. The console’s dome switches are tactile and responsive, and they are durable.

Decline and Inflation

The treadmill has an incline range from 0% to 15% and no decline option. You can also try the Precor 835 Treadmill or Precor 885 Treadmill if you’re looking for a treadmill with a decline option.

Increments of 0.5% can increase the incline. This will allow you to get the right level of incline to suit your needs.

Tablet Holder

The Precor treadmill has a reading rack, as well as an accessory holder that allows you to place your phone, tablet, or book while exercising.


Precor’s commercial treadmill series supports a patented belt system called the Integrated Footplant Technology. This helps to match the belt to the user’s natural stride and create a rhythmic pace.

This feature reduces stress on the knees and joints and prevents injuries. The running surface measures 22″ x 56″, which is sufficient for people of all sizes.


To increase the life of the 946i treadmill’s deck, it is made of a 1-inch Slik-Dek mattress with a wax coating. This deck is a 52 lb high-density fiberboard core with phenolic lamination.

The deck can be flipped to the opposite side and used as such.

On/Off Cushioning

The treadmill has just the right amount of cushioning, especially at the foot landing. It provides a stable platform and helps to reduce shock when running or jogging.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Precor 946i treadmill commercial measures heart rate using touch sensors located on the handlebars. This allows the user to stay in the target heart rate zone while maintaining a healthy heart. [1]

Integrated Entertainment Options:

iPod/iPhone compatible:

You can use your iPod or iPhone to listen to your favorite music while you exercise.

Personal Viewing Screen (PVS), an optional feature, is a 15-inch screen. While working out, you can also watch your favorite TV shows or news.

Reading Rack:

This reading rack allows you to store your newspaper, book, or keys in a safe place.


Emergency Stop:

The treadmill comes equipped with an emergency stop button. This button can be pushed to bring the treadmill to an emergency stop.

Network Capability:

You can set club parameters such as default language, pause times in between exercises, the limit of exercise time, and so on.

Precor 946i Treadmill Training Programs:

Precor Brand 946i Treadmill has 13 built-in workout programs that will help you add variety to your workout. These programs can be accessed via six buttons located on the console: Manual, Weight Loss, and Interval.

Basic Heart Rate Control, Track, Random, and Gerkin Fitness Testing. These programs are effective for all muscle groups and produce positive results.

Precor 946i Treadmill Warranty


10-years warranty on frame parts and service – 1-year labor customer support – After you purchase a

Precor machine, please feel free to contact our customer support team with any questions or concerns. They are friendly and always available to assist you. They can be reached at +1 800 347-4404.

Precor’s return policy does not allow customers to be enticed after they have purchased a product. You have 30 days to return the product if you aren’t satisfied.


The 13 pre-set workout programs offer a great variety.
This machine is easy to use thanks to IFT and GFX technology.
For accurate heart rate measurement, touch sensors are placed on the handlebars.
To provide a pleasant workout, it uses Biomechanics as well as Variable Stride Geometry.
This motor is an AC induction motor of 4HP and is extremely powerful.
The advanced LED has simple-to-use controls that can be used in many languages.


No cooling fans.
Bluetooth technology is not available.

Verdict [Precor 946i Treadmill Reviews]

The Precor 946i Treadmill Reviews show that it is a top-rated treadmill with a high-style design. This treadmill is low-impact and built to last. The machine can be equipped with integrated entertainment, and it uses the IFT and GFX to offer great comfort.

The console is intuitive and easy to read. The treadmill is portable and folds up easily. The 13 pre-set workout programs make it easy to break up the monotony of working out and offer many options for exercising.

The motor’s improved IFT-drive controller gives it a smoother feel. Precor 946i is a great choice if you’re looking for a machine that offers gym-like features, build Quality, and a low price.

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