3 Ways a Paleo Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

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The paleo diet is meant to help you eat in a way that’s more like the way that early human beings ate before civilization and farming were invented. The idea is that people are not evolved to easily digest a lot of grains, sugars, and other starches, so we cannot handle the modern diet well. By eating the kind of foods that ancient hunter/gatherers might have eaten, your body can do more with less.

Here are three ways the paleo diet can help you lose weight:

1. Lots of Protein

The paleo diet favors protein-rich foods over starchy ones, and protein-rich foods are great for weight loss. You see, protein makes you feel full, while starchy foods have a “more-ish” sort of feel to them. Think about it: when you eat a pork chop you feel full and satisfied. When you eat chips, you keep wanting just a few more, until you realize you’ve eaten half the bag.

2. No Added Sugar

You don’t eat processed, sugary foods on the paleo diet. That means you end up taking in a lot fewer calories, which is what causes weight loss.

3. There’s No Counting Calories

The paleo diet works by changing what you eat, not how much you eat, so you don’t have to constantly feel hungry and upset. Because it’s easier to stick to this diet, it’s easier for this diet to work.

5 Ways To Jump Rope For Weight Loss

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Rope skipping for weight loss is not only one of the simplest forms of exercises but it is fun too. You can skip rope in a crossover, single leg hopping, forward and back, and still enjoy the benefits of burning calories and boosting your heart rate.

Typically, here are five ways to jump rope for weight loss.

1. Choose A Wooden Or Waxed Floor

This floor gradually prepares your lower body for the impact of jumping. Hard surfaces like concrete can put stress on your knees, which can lead to injury.

2. Start With Basic Jumps

Before you try any variations or tricks, start with some simple jumps. Make your jumps small and consistent, about one to two inches off the floor. Do 10-15 warm-up jumps and if you get so tired before the time is over, drop the rope but keep your legs and arms going. Work up until you can comfortably use the rope full-time.

3. Move To 15-20 Minutes

Once comfortable with the basics, you can practice jumping rope once every day. Keep track of the number of jumps you can do in the 15-20 minutes.

4. Do Side To Side Jumps

Learn to create a rhythm jumping from side to side. You can jump a few inches to your left while you swing the rope, and do the same to your right. Do that for 15-20 minutes every day.

5. Strength Training Circuit

You not only lose weight but also get better at jumping rope with a 15-minute circuit a day. To tone your body through this mean, you also need a timer, an exercise mat, and do the following:

  • Jump rope for one minute, with both feet put together
  • Do twenty lunges, ten for each side
  • Jump rope for one minute
  • Do ten pushups
  • Jump rope for one minute with both feet put together.
  • Do a thirty-second plank
  • Jump rope for one minute, and then rest for 10 seconds

Repeat this circuit one more time every day, and keep a one-minute rest between each circuit for maximum weight loss benefits.

5 Effective Tips to Lose Fat in Your Face

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Extra fat in the face is incredibly frustrating to solve. Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies to increase fat burning and slimming down your face. Here are all-natural ways to help you feel like you are putting your best face forward.

Add Cardio to Your Routine

In most cases, extra fat in your face is a result of excess body fat. By getting 150–300 minutes of vigorous or moderate cardio exercise every week, you’ll significantly slim down your body and face. Cardio, or aerobic exercise, includes any physical activity that improves your heart rate.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Excessive alcohol consumption can cause dehydration, which prompts the retention of water in the body. This may as well lead to water retention in your face, which can make your face appear puffy and bloated.

Facial exercises

They can be used to combat aging, improve facial appearance, and improve muscle strength. Some of these facial exercises include:

  • Puckering your lips on alternating sides
  • Puffing your cheeks, then pushing the air from side to side
  • Smiling as you clench your teeth firmly for a few seconds

Get enough sleep

At least eight hours of sleep every night aid facial fat loss and allows you to maintain a healthy weight. Research shows that sleep deprivation increases food intake, causing lower metabolism and weight gain.

Cut Back on Refined Carbs

Cookies, pasta, crackers are common refined carbs that cause increased fat storage and weight gain. Swapping them for whole grains will help boost overall weight loss, and this will also aid facial fat loss.

How to Accelerate Weight Loss Naturally?

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Losing weight takes time and effort. What’s more, you can accelerate your weight loss by making healthy choices. Want to find out how? Read on for five ways to speed up weight loss naturally.

1. Using Exercise To Accelerate Weight Loss

A combination of different exercises can help speed up your weight loss goals. Both strength training and cardio exercises can help you burn more fat by boosting your metabolic rate. In a study involving overweight young men, it was found that twelve weeks of high-intensity exercise trimmed down fat mass by 2 kg and belly fat by up to 17%.

2. Choose Healthy Snacks

Making a smart snacking choice is the key to speeding up weight loss. Go for snacks that provide a mix of fiber and protein to stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep hunger at bay.

3. Fill Half Your Plate With Fresh Produce

Vegetables and fruits, which are high in water content and fiber, can make you feel fuller for longer and has no calories. They are also rich in nutrients that are essential for a well-balanced diet.

4. Stay Active Throughout The Day

Sitting behind a computer all day isn’t healthy. If you have a desk job, stand up for a short period to break the length of time spent sitting down. Standing up at work in the afternoon can help you burn an extra 174 calories.

5. Drink More Water

People who take sugary drinks instead of water have a hard time losing and maintain a healthy weight. Besides the reduction of calorie intake, research shows that drinking water 30 minutes before mealtime can help you eat less.

5 Incredible Benefits Of Guava Leaf Tea For Weight Loss

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The young leaves of the guava tree are carefully brewed to make a magical tea that contains active ingredients that significantly helps with weight loss. You can also make guava leaf tea by soaking or steeping the leaves in hot water and enjoy the following benefits.

1. Reduce belly fat

Looking to shed some extra pounds around your belly? Well, drink guava leaves tea or juice regularly and wait for impressive results. Guava leaves help prevent complex carbs from converting to sugars, which promote fat burning, especially around the tummy.

2. Helps with digestion

Guava leaf tea help improve your digestion; one of the main reason why you may find it difficult to lose weight. When you feel too bloated or have slow digestion, drinking guava leaf tea can help regulate metabolism in your body. It can also aid the secretion of digestive enzymes.

3. Lowers Cholesterol

Guava leaves significantly help in lowering your cholesterol levels. In an article published in Nutrition and Metabolism, participants who drank guava leaf tea reported lower cholesterol levels in eight short weeks.

4. Improves your heart health

Guava leaf extracts have been linked to a decrease in LDL cholesterol, and an increase in HDL cholesterol. This improves your heart health and reduces the risk of blood pressure.

5. Relieve stress

Guava leaves can help you calm down and relax. The tea works wonders when you’re stressed, which is a significant contributor to weight gain. Besides, it can improve the quality of your sleep, giving your body enough time to rest.