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Woodway Treadmill vs Peloton: Which One Is Right for You?

Woodway Treadmill vs Peloton: Which One Is Right for You?


The main difference is the screens. The Peloton treadmill has a 23.8 inch HD touchscreen, while the Woodway treadmill has a smaller interactive console with multiple readout displays.

Running Space:

While the Peloton treadmill offers a good running area measuring up to 59″, the Woodway treadmill boasts a large running area measuring 63″. The Woodway treadmill can be used by taller individuals and is ideal for various workout styles.

Customization features

It is easy to adjust the speed while on the Woodway treadmill.

Peloton treadmills have easy-to-reach adjustable control knobs that can adjust the speed and incline during a workout.

Woodway treadmills are equipped with customizable buttons on the handle, making it easy to switch between different workout modes and speeds.

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Type of deck: Woodway Treadmill vs Peloton

Woodway treadmills are equipped with a protective slat belt that protects your joints.

Peloton treadmills are equipped with traditional running belts that provide a unique bounce and help runners achieve their fitness goals.

Woodway’s treadmill has a slat belt, which is more comfortable and has fewer springs. This translates into protected joints, a soft landing and efficient muscle recruitment.

Type of display

The Woodway treadmill is larger than the Pelotons large screen and has multiple metric displays.

Multiple display options simplify determining specific metrics like distance, calories, speed, and incline. The large screen of the Peloton can be interactive, but it may take some time to see the different fitness data.

Note: Peloton treadmill discontinued, So, Lifepro Pacer Treadmill is Peloton running alternative

Woodway Treadmill vs Pelotons: Which One is Better?

Lifepro Pacer Treadmill – Peloton running alternative?

Peloton updates for the new Tread: The Tread’s new design features a 4-digit digital passcode lock that users need to unlock the belt before a workout. The Tread also has a removable safety key that can be used to stop the machine during a workout quickly. The company stated that the speed and incline knobs could be found on the side rails, which align with the natural arm swing of a runner for easy access. The Tread’s touch screen tilts up and down approximately 50 degrees, allowing users to switch between a run or a floor workout. Peloton’s live classes and workout programs require that users pay $$ per month.

What We Love About the Woodway Desmo S Treadmill:

Quality & Construction

The Woodway Desmo S Treadmill is a top-quality machine. The treadmill weighs in at 445 lbs.

The treadmill can support a 800-pound user walking and a 500-pound person running.

At 22’x68″, the running surface is huge. This treadmill is huge at 22″x68″. It does not matter how tall or short you are.

Quality is also evident in the innovative belt design.

It is built like a tank! Each tread slat has 60 rollers and 116 bearings.

Woodway backs the Desmo S Treadmill by providing a lifetime frame warranty and motor warranty. It will stay with you for as long as you need it.

What isn’t so great?

Prices and options

There are more expensive treadmills than there are EX-P-E–N-S-I–V-E treadmills. The latter are Woodway treadmills. The Desmo S Treadmill is close to $10,000.

Although you may find a refurbished or used one for half the price, your warranty will likely not be as strong.

Although the Woodway Desmo S Treadmill has a high-quality design, you can find many quality treadmills at a fraction of the price.

Many treadmills come with motor and frame warranties that last a lifetime. Access to third-party exercise platforms would be an excellent addition to the treadmill’s price.

ProForm and NordicTrack have teamed up with iFit, which offers various workout options and allows you to track your data. This feature is not available on the Woodway Desmo S Treadmill.

The Woodway Desmo S Treadmill Final Word:

The Woodway Desmo S Treadmill is the best if you have the money. The treadmill is made like a tank, and you won’t need another one after you get it. To purchase it, you might need to borrow a little money.

There are many options available for high-quality treadmills that cost a fraction of the Desmo S Treadmill.

Our reviews of the NordicTrack, ProForm, 3G Cardio and FreeMotion treadmills are great buys but much more affordable.

Since I was a teenager, I have been running on treadmills for over 20 years. I started with the Proform (the folding treadmill), moved to the True (home version), and then the commercial line. I finally bought a Woodway a few years ago. I run a lot – depending on my time and how far I can cover it, I usually do 3000-4000 miles per year. I do this all on the treadmill.

Although I am a barefoot runner, I only do it on the treadmill. This makes me look pretty poor compared to those who run on gravel barefoot. I had never heard good things about the Woodway, and I didn’t consider it because of the price. I was having trouble adding computer control to my treadmills. I realized that the Woodway has a great system. I spent hours talking with tech support and got a good idea of what they could do. I finally decided to buy a Desmo. It was the best decision I have ever made. – Katie Crewe

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