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Nordictrack C990 Vs Proform 995i [Comparison, Reviews]

We can help you choose among your favorite models. You can make an informed decision by looking at the table below Nordictrack C990 Vs Proform 995i. We searched the specifications listed below and did the rest.

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Nordictrack C990 Vs Proform 995i Comparison:

Items:NordicTrack C 990ProForm Power 995i
Construction TypeFoldingFolding
Belt Width20"20"
Belt Length60"60"
Maximum Incline12 °15 °
Maximum Speed12 mph12 mph
Maximum User Weight300 pounds.350 pounds.
Weight215 pounds.225 pounds.
Frame MaterialMetal / PlasticMetal / Plastic
Accessory TrayYesYes
Phone/Tab StandYesYes
Drive Motor Power3.0 CHP3.0 CHP
Control Panel7" Smart HD TouchscreenLED display
Heart Rate MonitorYesYes
Information On DisplayTime, Distance, Speed, Calories, InclineDistance, Time, Speed, Calories, Heart Rate, Incline
Workout Programs3230
Integrated Sound SystemYesYes
ExtrasiFit membership, AutoBreeze, Workout Fan, SpaceSaver® Design, ONETOUCH CONTROLS iFit membership, SpaceSaver Design, EasyLift Assist, CoolAire
Decline FeatureNoNo
Manufacturer Warranty2 years3 years
Price?Check HereCheck Here

People may find it difficult to choose between the NordicTrack C990 treadmill or the ProForm Power 95i treadmill.

Both treadmills are similar, which is no surprise considering their similar pricing. ProForm and NordicTrack are also sister companies.

Keith Thompson was able to review both treadmills and received them separately. Many people are still deciding which treadmill to purchase and have asked how they compare.

Each treadmill has its strengths. The C990 and Power 995i have an engaging visual display, and the Power 995i have a higher incline range. We chose the Power 995i to be our favorite treadmill, but it was close. You may choose something else.

What customers are talking about Nordictrack C990 Vs Proform 995i?

Items:Nordictrack C990Proform 995i
Design:This treadmill has adjustable cushioning and a good grip.

FlexSelect cushioning can be turned on or off. To provide excellent joint protection, turn the cushioning on. To simulate outdoor conditions, turn it off.

It is a very sturdy treadmill. It doesn't shake, it makes no noise, and I can run on it.

Because the tablet computer holder doesn't reach my eye level, I cannot use it with my workout.

After one year of normal usage, the motor is having problems.
Motor operation is very quiet, so I can watch TV and other videos on YouTube while running.

A treadmill is a great tool. The cushioning is great while running.

The treadmill has been in our possession for about a week now, and it's still running smoothly. The treadmill is relatively quiet, but you will probably hear the footsteps of your feet if you run on it.

Your body's stress and injury risk is significantly reduced by cushioning anti-shock technology.

The motor began to click after the third month. It sounded a lot like a deck or cards pressed to the back of the bicycle wheel. The faster the motor clicked, the louder it became.
Specs:One-touch adjustment allows you to adjust the incline easily from 0% to 12%. This feature can dramatically increase calories burned and tone targeted muscles.

I am a larger man, and the shock absorber deck is great! It was easy to assemble. It was easy for my wife and me to put together.

The treadmill works well. The motor is powerful and easy to use, as well as the speed and incline controls.

You can also adjust the speed and incline of the vehicle easily by placing the controls in a convenient location.

After a week of workouts, the treadmill makes a lot of noise on an incline.
It works great as a treadmill. It goes when you press the run button and stops when it hits stop.

You can easily set the speed and incline with quick buttons.

It was simple to set up the treadmill, increase speed, decrease speed and adjust the incline without reading the instructions.

15% of an incline didn't maintain its speed. It was one mph, and I was suddenly sprinting. The same applies to any speed at any other incline.

It can take some time to put together. Prepare. It's worse than IKEA stuff.
FeaturesThere are 32 different workout apps available on the NordicTrack C 990. Programs tailored to your fitness level can help you improve speed, endurance, weight loss, and other aspects of your life.

Intermix Acoustics speakers are included in the C 990. A smartphone-compatible music port lets you stream MP3s directly through the treadmill's console.

It doesn't have basic training such as hill training or interval training. Only one mode can be used to control everything, including pace and incline.

If the computer fails, the treadmill will not work.

The fan is loud. It would be much more helpful if the fan could be aimed or turned off.
You have 30 preset workouts that you can use to vary your workout each day.

An audio cable was used to connect my TV's sound system to the treadmill speakers. It worked great.

The speakers can drown out the motor's sound easily.

You have many programs but no instructions or knowledge of how to use them.

It is too loud! When I want to watch TV, I use a stand fan.

IFIT doesn't work. This was a major disappointment for me. I wanted to sync with my iPad and use ifit.

Running Surface:

These two treadmills have identical running surfaces. Both treadmill belts have a non-stretch 2-ply thickness. Running area measures 20″ wide by 60″ long.

The Available Programs:

Both treadmills offer 32 and 30 programs on the C990 and the Power 995i. The C990 has a broader range of programs.

They include heart rate programs and intensity workouts. The Power 995i’s workout programs can be divided into interval and tempo workouts.

Weight Capacity:

Finding a treadmill that can hold a large weight can be difficult. However, the C990 can offer a user weighing up to 300 lbs with a place to exercise and a comfortable environment. The Power 995i can hold users up to 325 pounds.

Incline Range:

The Power 995i’s incline range is superior to the C990’s. The Power 995i offers an incline range from 0% to 15%, while the C990 only has a range of 0% – 12%.

The Power 995i’s different incline can help users burn more calories and push their bodies further.


The Power 995i is 66.75 inches tall, 81 inches long, and 37 inches wide. This treadmill is larger than the C990, which measures 60.3 inches tall, 79.5″ length, and 35.5″ in width.

Although the Power 995i’s larger dimensions may increase its strength, some find it challenging to fit a treadmill this size.


The C990 and Power 995i treadmills can reach speeds of up to 12 MPH.


ProForm and NordicTrack are sister companies, so many aspects of both the C990i and Power 995i are identical.

The folding hydraulic system mechanism underneath these treadmills is one example of this similarity.

This hydraulic mechanism makes it easier to lift the deck of these treadmills. It also reduces the effort required to lift them.

The treadmill deck’s base is where the release levers can be found. They are accessible by pressing the latch with one’s foot. The hydraulic mechanism of these treadmill decks allows for hands-free lowering.

Motor Size:

These treadmills have the same motor size. The motors of the Power 995i and C990 have a 3.0 CHP. This motor is strong enough to power walkers, runners, and joggers.


The Power 995i and the C990 are famous for cooling down treadmill users. You can choose from multiple speeds, and they can be set to auto to adjust the intensity of your workout.

The C990 fans are more in the user’s face, while the Power 995i fans cool them better.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The C990 and Power 995i both have hand-grips that allow you to measure your heart rate. These grips can be inaccurate, but both treadmills work with Bluetooth heart rate monitoring chest straps.

Users who need to monitor their heart rate accurately will need to purchase a separate chest strap.

Treadmill Weight:

The C990 is 20 lbs heavier than the Power 995i. The treadmill’s weight doesn’t make a significant difference unless the user lifts it to move it. The Power 995i’s 225 lb weight makes it easier than the C990’s 245 lb.


Both treadmills have a high-tech, sleek look. Both the C990 as well as the Power 995i have similar materials. From the split treadmill decks that are cushioned to the integrated tablet holders.

The C990’s molded plastic parts are thinner than the Power 995i, especially around the console.


The Power 995i’s base is longer and broader than the C990. This adds stability to the Power 995i. The Power 995i’s overall durability is enhanced by its greater weight capacity than that of the C990.


One person can move the treadmill. They are lightweight and easy to maneuver. The C990, however, can be rolled once it is in its upright position due to the four wheels at the base.

To roll the Power 995i to another location, it must be folded up and then tilted onto two of its wheels.


The ProShox cushioning on the Power 995i helps to relieve some of the pounding stresses. There are four shocks located near the center of the treadmill deck.

With six cushioning points, the C990 FlexSelect can be adjusted to adjust the amount of cushioning on the deck.

Users can adjust the cushioning according to their preferences by simply twisting the cushioning point. This is especially useful for multi-user treadmills.


This can be a tedious task, and the average time it takes to assemble a treadmill is around 2 hours.

Proform 995i vs Nordictrack c990: User Interface

Speed and Incline Controls:

Both treadmills have speed and inline controls that allow for all available interval speeds and incline levels. Scrolling is required to adjust the interval speeds and incline levels.

Because they are located on the lower portion of the treadmill console, the Power 995i controls will be easier to access.

Running faster may make it more difficult for shorter runners to reach the C990’s higher speeds and inclines.

Fan Controls

The C990 and Power 995i both have easily adjustable fan controls.

Program Selection

C990 makes it easier to choose a program. You can select your workout category and see a visual representation.

Also, you can see whether the program has been rated for advanced, intermediate, or beginners.

Users can’t choose between tempo and interval workouts on the Power 995i. They must scroll through the workouts to see how they will progress.

Visual Display:

The biggest difference between these treadmills comes down to their visual displays. For example, the C990 has an HD touchscreen that measures 7 inches, and the Power 995i has a rectangular display with LEDs for data display.

While the interactive screen on the C990 responds quickly to user input, the Power 995i’s static screen takes some time to comprehend and use.

Entertainment Features


Both the Power 995i as well as the C990 have decent speakers. Both give out a crisp, high-quality sound but lack bass. The sound quality of both treadmills becomes less clear as they increase in volume.

Additional Entertainment Features:

The C990 is no more web-enabled. These treadmills can be used for entertainment purposes, but they only have an integrated tablet holder.

Data Display:

The C990’s touchscreen display allows users to view more data about their workouts than the Power 995i display.

Apps for Fitness

These treadmills can be connected to iFit Coach. Using iFit coach requires a $$ per month membership.

Google Maps Interactive allows users to access iFit coach and go on virtual global runs. These immersive runs show popular races courses such as the Boston Marathon, Cape Town, South Africa, and other places.

iFit also has a network of world-renowned personal coaches who can help users with difficult workouts. You can also find a huge library of workout videos, including strength training, pilates, and yoga.

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ProForm Power 995i Treadmill Review:

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Although I’ve only used it for a few weeks, my initial impressions of the treadmill are very positive. It’s sturdy and doesn’t cause any pain to the knees. Although I don’t use iFit at the moment, it seems well worth the cost even without this functionality. I’ve used amazon home services to install my device, and I was happy I read the reviews. Although it is heavy and bulky, I find it a durable machine that will last a long time. Proform has been my exercise bike for many years. It is still working well. Amazon’s service is beyond amazing. The treadmill was delivered incorrectly, and it was reassembled. Amazon took care of the replacement and reassembling. This is what I call excellent customer service. Amazon has been a loyal customer of mine for years. Amazon, thank you. – Adriene Mishler reviewed ProForm Power 995i

NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill Review:

PDF Manual

Excellent delivery and setup. The additional setup was terrific, so I chose to go with it. Amazon has partnered with top-notch companies to ship these large items and set up the product. This model features a bigger motor and a stunning display. A treadmill was essential for me as I had difficulty getting to the gym due to my busy schedule. It is convenient to be able to lift the bed in my tiny apartment. The model I have now is much more stable than the one I had before. NordicTrack did an excellent job with this treadmill. – JP Sears reviewed Nordictrack C990


The ProForm Power 995i treadmill was a narrow winner compared to NordicTrack C990. Because they are very similar treadmills, they tied in 13 of the 28 comparison categories.

The Power 995i is the best treadmill for someone who doesn’t want frills. You can also choose the interactive treadmill C990 if you’re more interested than the Power 995i.

We hope that we helped you decide which treadmill is best for you.

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