beautiful-girlHi, I’m Melissa Jones, the mind behind I’m really happy and surprised to see you all in my cozy little web. Let me give a warm welcome to you.

I’ve kicked off as a blogger who ushers you into a whole world of interesting things you‘d love to hear. This brief story about me would grab your interest at large. And it would surely contribute a lot to create a young and energetic YOU.

My Story

From my teens, I had been a beauty-hunter and needed to maintain a breathtakingly beautiful figure. And at the same time, I paid my attention at large towards maintaining a good condition of health.

Of course, I was a great success and lived a happy, healthy and active life winning the attraction of everybody, especially of the males! My class mates became middle-age- like hags in their early thirties and inevitably envied at my charming looks. Things went smooth and the time flowed on keeping me younger, stronger and healthier until I reached my forties.

But, things began to turn negative when I was in my early forties. The life reported of an unusual change. After the first and second pregnancies my weight increased at an alarming rate and within a short time, I became an odd, shapeless, hideous creature! My worries grew day by day, but my determination was still alive. I put on my wise granny hat and found several solutions of how to burn fat fast. I succeeded finally and regained my former attractive figure. I became even happier.

So, that was my story and I’ve got numerous valuable tips of how to own a slim, healthy, attractive body. I’d share them all with you. Some say ‘Health is Wealth. ‘So, I’m going to share my wealth with you! Be a regular visitor and win each tip.

How can I help you to be healthy, slim and attractive?

The is about how to mold your life within the frames of health, fitness and nutrition. I created this web in order to help numerous others like myself. I invite you to read the regular blog posts in my site and reap the benefits. You’d definitely own an active life style full of youthful vigor and blissfulness.

The Blog

The blogs you find here are of different issues like diets and weight loss, exercise and fitness, women’s health, herbal remedies and natural healing. And of course, I’ve not forgotten our men folk. There are blogs on men’s health too. You might not have found these tips anywhere. Read and see for yourself.

There are tips on health, weight loss, yoga and nutrition. I’ve added a few success stories like mine to inspire you more. I ask you to have a great determination and courage to carry on your healthy living and become a success as thousands of others who have got it right. Be brave and courageous, stick to the tips given and you’ll be a changed person within a short time.