Top 5 Tips to Lose Weight During Winters

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The winter months are often cold and dreary. It makes it hard to do a lot of physical activity outdoors and in some cases, it even makes getting to and from the gym challenging. Here are five tips that you can use to lose weight, even during the coldest months of the year.

1.  Make a Schedule and Put It In Writing

Set aside certain days that you plan on going to the gym and be sure to put it in writing. When you write down a goal and put it where you can see it easily, it becomes easier to hold yourself accountable and make sure that you actually take the practical steps you need to take each day in order to achieve it.

2. Pair Up

Again, it’s all about accountability. It’s much harder to cancel those gym plans at the last minute when there’s someone else involved that’s counting on you to show up. Unless you’re the type of person who routinely makes plans with others and then cancels them at a moment’s notice without any thought for the other individual involved, you’re not likely to start doing it now.

3. Find Workouts You Can Do at Home

No matter how dedicated you become, it is likely that there will be certain days throughout the winter where you can’t get to the gym. Find workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home. There are all kinds of workouts available online that are designed to be done at home without tons of equipment, so pick a few and have them standing at the ready.

4. Don’t Make Excuses

Sometimes it’s easy to let the cold weather become an excuse for not being very active. It’s up to you to refuse to allow the cold to become your excuse for staying indoors and sitting on the couch all day.

5. Join a Class

This is probably one of the most effective ways to keep your weight in check during the winter months. See if your gym has a new class that you can join. When you join a class, it not only gives you something new to focus on, it also gives you a sense of purpose. Perhaps most importantly, it holds you accountable in front of an entire class so you’re less likely to back out.

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Finally, stop comparing yourself to others. Realize this is your journey. Your body is unique and you won't see the same results as everyone else, so don't expect to. 😀

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