5 Ways To Jump Rope For Weight Loss

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Rope skipping for weight loss is not only one of the simplest forms of exercises but it is fun too. You can skip rope in a crossover, single leg hopping, forward and back, and still enjoy the benefits of burning calories and boosting your heart rate.

Typically, here are five ways to jump rope for weight loss.

1. Choose A Wooden Or Waxed Floor

This floor gradually prepares your lower body for the impact of jumping. Hard surfaces like concrete can put stress on your knees, which can lead to injury.

2. Start With Basic Jumps

Before you try any variations or tricks, start with some simple jumps. Make your jumps small and consistent, about one to two inches off the floor. Do 10-15 warm-up jumps and if you get so tired before the time is over, drop the rope but keep your legs and arms going. Work up until you can comfortably use the rope full-time.

3. Move To 15-20 Minutes

Once comfortable with the basics, you can practice jumping rope once every day. Keep track of the number of jumps you can do in the 15-20 minutes.

4. Do Side To Side Jumps

Learn to create a rhythm jumping from side to side. You can jump a few inches to your left while you swing the rope, and do the same to your right. Do that for 15-20 minutes every day.

5. Strength Training Circuit

You not only lose weight but also get better at jumping rope with a 15-minute circuit a day. To tone your body through this mean, you also need a timer, an exercise mat, and do the following:

  • Jump rope for one minute, with both feet put together
  • Do twenty lunges, ten for each side
  • Jump rope for one minute
  • Do ten pushups
  • Jump rope for one minute with both feet put together.
  • Do a thirty-second plank
  • Jump rope for one minute, and then rest for 10 seconds

Repeat this circuit one more time every day, and keep a one-minute rest between each circuit for maximum weight loss benefits.

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Finally, stop comparing yourself to others. Realize this is your journey. Your body is unique and you won't see the same results as everyone else, so don't expect to. 😀

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