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Alpine Inversion Table Reviews: The Best Inversion Table?

Alpine Inversion Table Reviews:

Alpine Pro Deluxe is a foldable inversion table that can be folded up and stored. It has a maximum weight of 300 lbs and can accommodate adults from 4’10 to 6’5′.

The 3-position roller hinge allows you to control the rotation. It is ideal for exercise, fitness, chiropractic-reflexology and chiropractic-reflexology purposes.

This will improve your flexibility and reduce fatigue due to muscle and joint compression.

The Alpine Inversion Table and parts and tools for assembly are included in the package. An Instruction Manual is also included.

Alpine Inversion Table is made from PU leather material and weighs in at 49 lbs. It measures 28x48x58 inches and has a backrest measuring 16 inches wide and 41″ long.

You will need to assemble it as it does not come pre-assembled. It is effortless to fold and store in a convenient area of your home.

Alpine Inversion Tables are used to relieve pressure on nerve roots and discs.

They will also recover any moisture and go back to their original form. This will help lower back pain, neck and back pain and increase blood flow and flexibility throughout the body.

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Inversion therapy, a type of spinal traction, will allow you to get into an upside-down or angled position. You will then be pulled by gravity by hanging from your feet, ankles, and legs.

You should always have someone to help you if you are experiencing problems with your posture or health when you first use an inversion table, not just the Alpine Pro.

Alpine Inversion Tables should not be used by pregnant women or people with eye conditions such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, or heart disease. It is a sturdy, durable, and robust unit that costs a fraction of the price. Alpine Pro, a dynamic Czech company, headquartered in Prag, has subsidiaries in China, Poland, and Slovakia.

It makes and distributes sports equipment, footwear, and clothing through retail chains like Globus, Sportisimo, franchises, and sales representatives in 21 countries, most of which are in Europe.

Customer Alpine Inversion Table Review:

It is well-built and works great once assembled. Now, you can begin to assemble. These directions are almost incomprehensible. It would be better to have the bolts holding the four corner feet on a bit longer. They don’t contour to the frame nicely, so it isn’t easy to get them started (mostly the shorter ones).

Instructions for assembling the central pivot point don’t mention it. It has helped my poorly shaped back for a few weeks, even though I only used it for a short time. The ankle locking mechanism works well, and the padding is sufficient. – Dr. John Rusin

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What to look for in an Inversion table?

Size/Weight Limitations

Each inversion table is different. Many tables can accommodate someone as tall as 6’5″ and as heavy as 300 to 350 lbs. These numbers are essential to keep in mind. Consider how the straps and cushions fit your body. Many have adjustable elements that allow for a customized fit.

These are signs that the inversion table is well-constructed and designed. Eric Centofanti is a licensed chiropractor, certified chiropractic sports physician and certified athletic trainer. “A high-quality table has a higher weight capacity, better safety features and adjustable settings for greater comfort.”

When purchasing an inversion table, safety is the first thing you should consider. You should ensure that the safety clip restricts how far you can invert back and that it has handles and grips that help you stand up. Also, adjust how inverted your table is.


Although it may seem like many bells and whistles, such as heat and massage, they can be beneficial in relieving muscle and back pain. According to some doctors, inversion therapy can reduce back spasms and lower nerve pressure in the short term.

Heat can also be used to soothe spasms in the back. Some models focus heat on the lumbar region, while others include heat that covers the entire back support pad.


Inverted positions leave you at the mercy of the equipment. Safety is a top priority. Dr Lin says that patients who are inverted or suspended pose a risk of falling or being injured.

These risks are more severe for patients with less coordination or older patients. Before undergoing inversion therapy, I recommend consulting your spine doctor.

Inversion can be safe for you if your doctor has evaluated your condition. Dr Lin says, “Prior buying an inversion table and using it, I recommend that patients be evaluated by a spinal doctor (either a pain management doctor, orthopedic, or neurosurgeon).” Dr Lin says that a physiatrist, or pain management doctor, may guide patients about the best options for them. They can also help you identify more urgent conditions. [1]

However, you can safely invert at home with inversion tables. Centofanti says that inversion can be safely done at home.

However, there are certain conditions one should check with their healthcare professional before using it, including stroke, heart disease and blood clots or vascular disorders, acute muscles spasms, fracture, and infection.

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Alpine Inversion Tables can be used safely at home by most people. Inversion tables are not a magic bullet or instant relief, but they can be used when under the guidance of a specialist or physician to provide natural relief.

Alpine Inversion Tables can be used to treat neck, back, and disc problems, as well as for athletic injuries. Alpine Inversion Tables are used to increase the distance between vertebrae and decompress the discs and spinal canal by using the natural force of gravity.

It’s important to remember that space gained above your head will return to its original state.

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Are inversion tables dangerous?

Inversion tables are an excellent way to relieve pain naturally, but there are some potential dangers to be aware of before you swipe your credit card. The table must have sturdy, long-lasting ankle support straps.

It is possible to slip and fall from the table without solid supports. Inversion tables can be dangerous for specific health conditions.

Inversion therapy is not recommended for people with high blood pressure. The flip upside down can cause stress to the eyes and a rise in heart rate.

What is the working principle of inversion tables?

Dr Lin says that inversion tables can theoretically relieve spinal problems by taking the pressure off your spine. Because gravity compresses your spine, prolonged walking or heavy lifting can cause spine-related pain.

Because gravity is eliminated, lying down can relieve back pain. Inversion tables and other traction techniques are designed to lengthen your spine.

Remember that inversion tables can only be used to prolong your spine. Any traction applied to your spine by inversion will disappear as soon as you stand up.

What length should an inversion table be used?

It takes only a few minutes to start feeling the positive effects on your spine. Centofanti says that you should begin by performing 30 seconds to one minute on your inversion table.

You can do this several times per day. “Invert your body slowly and do more sets until you feel the effects.

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